Cricket Match

A successful day of cricket and thanks to all for making it so.

Foxearth were proud to field a team that were all residents of the village

Simon (Barney) Excell, 2 Mill Road
Ali Smith, 2 Mill Road
Adam Fausset, Chapel House
Peter Routley, Mill Reef
Bob Waller, Wallers, The Chase
Phil Savage, Larkspur, The Chase
Tony Martin, The Chase
Clive Waite, Magnolia House
Richard Christmas, Orchard Cottage
Martin Fleetwood, Cavanash
Kris Radley, Glebeside

Umpire: Barrie Phillpotts, Barley House, The Street

The Villagers were made up of ‘the best’ from Little Waldingfield, Borley, Belchamp, Cornard, Ballingdon, Bulmer and Leavenheath. Unfortunately they had had a little more practice than us and proved to be very good with the bat.

Fun was had by all in fact so much so that there is talk of a rematch next year, so watch this space!

Thanks to all the players, remember ‘no pain, no gain!’ Special thanks to our very professional umpire Barrie Phillpotts and to Long Melford Cricket Club who showed us great hospitality.

Ali Smith

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