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Cricket Match

A successful day of cricket and thanks to all for making it so.

Foxearth were proud to field a team that were all residents of the village

Simon (Barney) Excell, 2 Mill Road
Ali Smith, 2 Mill Road
Adam Fausset, Chapel House
Peter Routley, Mill Reef
Bob Waller, Wallers, The Chase
Phil Savage, Larkspur, The Chase
Tony Martin, The Chase
Clive Waite, Magnolia House
Richard Christmas, Orchard Cottage
Martin Fleetwood, Cavanash
Kris Radley, Glebeside

Umpire: Barrie Phillpotts, Barley House, The Street

The Villagers were made up of ‘the best’ from Little Waldingfield, Borley, Belchamp, Cornard, Ballingdon, Bulmer and Leavenheath. Unfortunately they had had a little more practice than us and proved to be very good with the bat.

Fun was had by all in fact so much so that there is talk of a rematch next year, so watch this space!

Thanks to all the players, remember ‘no pain, no gain!’ Special thanks to our very professional umpire Barrie Phillpotts and to Long Melford Cricket Club who showed us great hospitality.

Ali Smith

Cricket Lovely Cricket!

The Clash of the Titans it might not have been but that’s not to say there was any lack of competitiveness or enthusiasm when the Foxearth Davids and the Villagers Giants (as it turned out) took to the field at the Long Melford Cricket Club last Sunday afternoon.

The event was very well attended with all ages represented including many families with children. The weather started out sunny and warm but soon clouded over and a somewhat annoying chilly wind blew up. However, thankfully the rain kept off.

Our resourceful umpire Barrie Phillpotts conjured up several blankets and the intrepid aforementioned spectators doggedly dug in for the duration of the match. After the first innings one beblanketed spectator was heard to enquire somewhat expectantly “Is that it then?”. On hearing that the match was only half way through, she declined to offer any verbal response but, to her credit, was still there at the end.

The Villagers went in first and it wasn’t long before they were scoring freely. They produced a daunting total of 186 for their 25 overs. Foxearth opened slowly (or was that very slowly) and had lost some 3 wickets before the score had reached double figures.

All seemed hopelessly lost when our secret weapon in the form of Adam Fausset stepped up to the crease. We’ll never know if he was wearing a skin tight blue lycra tunic (with a big “S” emblazoned on the front) under his cricket whites but he took the bowling apart and was soon to retire having exceeded his 25 run allowance which included the only 6 of the match. He was ably assisted by Tony Martin who also scored 25 and was obliged to retire. Not satisfied with his first performance, when Adam returned to the crease at the end of the innings, he knocked up a further 15 or so runs before finally getting out for 41.

In the end Foxearth scored an entirely respectable 111 runs. Whilst it soon became obvious that we were always going to go down to the Villagers, we nevertheless can hold our heads up high especially given that it was hard to find anyone on the field that had previously touched a cricket bat or ball at any time in the 21st century.

Our younger residents then took to the field and, whilst matching the senior members for enthusiasm, easily exceeded them when it came to agility and energy expended.

Overall, it was a very successful and enjoyable day. Our thanks must go above all to Alison Smith for all her hard work in organising the event and for conceiving the idea in the first place. Also to Barney for supporting her and for his exceptional captaincy skills in effectively positioning our fielders for “saving the one” (if only we could have done a bit more about the fours). Thanks also to Barrie Phillpotts for his excellent umpiring of what must have been for him a somewhat unusual but nevertheless highly entertaining fixture. How many wides were bowled again?

There will no doubt have been many stretched and painful muscles in Foxearth this Monday morning.

Appeal for Photos of Foxearth v Villagers Cricket Match

This is an appeal to all who attended the cricket match yesterday (Sunday) and took photos.

If you would like to email your favourites to me at in the next day or so, I will put as many as I can up on the gallery page of this site.