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Sleep safely

Our unnamed one man crime buster continues his campaign to keep the streets of Foxearth & Liston both crime and litter free. After successfully nailing the fly tipper last week, late last night he was alerted by raucous laughter, raised voices, bad language and what was thought to be the whiff of something suspicious in the air. The police were again alerted and apprehended at least one of the miscreants. All joking aside, it again goes to prove that we can all help keep our village streets safe by not drawing our curtains and pretending its not there but by taking the initiative and doing something positive, prevent this sort of thing happening again.

Beating the Fly Tippers

Last week, a resident of the village, (I won’t say who for fear of embarrassing him), whilst on the way back from Sudbury, passed a car parked in the gateway to one of the fields surrounding the village. As he drove by he saw the driver dumping rubbish over the gate into the field. Our intrepid resident turned his car around and followed the miscreant and was able to catch up with him at Liston Lane and get the registration number of the car. The incident and the car number were reported to the police, who to their credit followed it up immediately. The result was a £50 fine – an expensive trip out considering he was only two miles from a legitimate public dump!

I think that our resident is to be congratulated on his efforts and it is an object lesson to the rest of us to keep an eye out for these irresponsible people who sully our Village and countryside and report them. This incident proves positive action does achieve tangible results.

Village Hall Gains Hallmark Status

hallmark-1-logoThe Village Hall is proud to announce that it applied for and has been successful in achieving the Hallmark 1 Quality Standard. This is a nationwide initiative administered in Essex by the Rural Community Council of Essex on behalf of ACRE. Achieving the standard required the Village Hall to undergo a two hour assessment and visit by two external visitors who examined the facilities and looked our administrative and financial arrangements. The award means that we are meeting a nationally agreed standard of delivery to residents and are meeting stringent benchmarks as regards management of Hall affairs.

Mary Waite and David Busby attended an award ceremony in Chelmsford to receive our Certificate of Attainment.