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Improvements at the Village Hall

Over the last six years, the Village Hall trustees have been working through a plan of improvement at your Village Hall to upgrade it to a venue suitable for use by a multiplicity of users and a space that people would want to meet and congregate. This has seen regular re-decoration, new heating, new draught-proof windows, new lighting and other improvements. How many of you can remember huddling around one of the calor gas heaters or under the bathroom (!!) heaters not daring to take off your coat and watching the curtains move as the wind found its way through the old Crittal window frames? The latest project is to upgrade the toilet provision, by moving them away from the kitchen area and its attendant hygiene issues and also provide a disabled user toilet, thus meeting a legal requirement and proper handwashing facilities. Over the last six months we have been applying for funding to pay for this and we are pleased to announce that we have managed to raise £22,500 to meet construction and other associated costs. We had planned to build slightly to the front of the hall and to the right as you look at it, extending and utilising the entrance lobby to gain access to the new toilets. This would have avoided alteration to the body of the hall and also meant that the toilets could be used without interruption to whatever was going on in the hall. However, the heritage section of Essex County Council indicated that they would oppose this approach when planning considered the application, so the application was temporarily withdrawn whilst we worked with them on what would be acceptable. The upshot seems to be that the new block will be moved back so that the front of the new building will be continious with the hall as it stands and access to the toilets will be through a door cut into the wall of the main body hall. We will keep you informed of progress but all being well and IF all goes to plan we hope to start building this summer.

Incidentally it might also be worth informing you that in addition to the £22,500 mentioned above, we were also successful in raising an additional £5,250 to pay for the new storage cupboards and the de-mountable staging.

Liston Church Spring Clean


This is to take place on SATURDAY JUNE 6th from 10 -12.
We provide coffee & croissants, if you can spare the time to help tidy the churchyard, and spring clean the church in anticipation of the Midsummer Festival Weekend.
Please bring own tools and cleaning equipment!


This is to be as part of the Liston Festival Weekend, when once again Liston host 8 young Musicians from London’s Purcell Music School, and the 35 voice Kirbye Voices from Bury, under Liston conductor , Ian McMillan and the Festival Concert on Midsummer Day itself – Saturday June 20. (See details elsewhere on the site)
Father Eoin Buchanan is to lead a Combined Churches Festival SUNG EUCHARIST at 11.15am on the Sunday morning in Liston , with all from our neighbouring church communities invited to attend.
The large choir will sing Byrd’s Tudor Mass for Four Voyces, and other atmospheric tudor communion music, and there will be popular hymn singing for all with full organ & Trumpets to lead the way!

At 4pm, the choir will sing a traditional CHORAL EVENSONG, with music they have recently sung at Chelmsford, Canterbury and Coventry Cathedrals.

Anyone who would like their favourite hymn sung at either services are asked to contact Ian McMillan by email at .

Evensong is followed by Teas in the churchyard if fine, or back of the the church if not, and a rare opportunity to climb the tudor tower to admire the views.
Donations towards church funds welcome.