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A welcome message from the Foxearth Village Hall Charitable Trust

The Trustees of Foxearth Village Hall Charitable Trust are very proud to be sponsoring the website for the villages of Foxearth and Liston. We would hope all residents of the two villages will make use of this new facility, which is to be run by villagers for villagers. Our sincere thanks go to the various people who have made this venture possible. Please make use of it and enjoy your visits to the site.

Roger Messer – Chairman

Congratulations from FLAG

FLAG (Foxearth & Liston Action Group) would like to congratulate Foxearth Village Hall Charitable Trust in sponsoring the new Foxearth & Liston community website. We believe that this site will prove invaluable in engaging the residents of our parish in every aspect of village life and will quickly become an indispensable tool in the distribution of information and matters of local interest.

FLAG is your local community group. Our purpose is to represent members’ views and concerns in a constructive and organised way when dealing with organisations such as local government etc. We are committed to working with our local council representatives as a combined force for change.

It is FLAG that brought wireless broadband to the parish and FLAG has been the main instigator for the reclassification of the B1064 with a view to reducing the amount of heavy traffic passing through Foxearth. This reclassification is now in progress. FLAG has also been the prime mover in improving the public footpath network around the parish and has played a major supporting role in the development of this website.

We are proud to be making a difference.

It costs a mere £5 per household per year so why not join us and add you voice to ours. You can find us on the Community page.


Don’t panic, this isn’t a message about religion or how we need to behave when we get into church; it’s a pat on the back for all those involved in launching the Foxearth & Liston Community Website. What, the Church being dragged into the 21st century, not at all. With 15 churches all with varying needs and all holding services and exciting events at different times, Revd Margaret and I need all the help we can get publicising what our churches are doing; and that includes Foxearth and Liston!

This development is a truly wonderful project that will allow local folk to access information relevant to their communities and will make Foxearth & Liston even more accessible to a wider audience. And why not, two very beautiful rural villages should sing out and be proud of their location, make-up, beautiful surroundings and in their own way, vibrant communities.
The Church in this area is FULLY supportive of such innovation and I trust that many will want visit and use this very important site.


With all best wishes
Fr Eoin Buchanan: Parish Priest